VOWAled Design Inspirations

We create diversity ... and you can experience this diversity with our designs. From floral patterns to metallic looks to coarse fabric structures - let yourself be inspired, play with the optics and design special surfaces! Our design suggestions can be implemented on almost all VOWA product groups, your customer advisor will be happy to advise you! 

Elefant Flowers Silver

The timeless flowers print and our realistic elephant leather embossing combine to form a high-quality surface combination. The discreetly shimmering metallic finish complements the noble character and ensures an interesting play of light and shadow.

022193 - detail
022193 - sample

Textile Scratch

This modern textile look benefits from its realistic fabric structure and subtle scratch print, which can be easily combined and gives every ambience a soft, light expression.

022194 - detail
022194 - sample

Textile Melange Grey

Set new accents with this pastel, light design suggestion in our attractive textile look. The diffuse melange print reinforces the fabric character and creates a pleasant appearance.

022192 - detail
022192 - sample

Silver Scratch

With its unusual embossed structure, this design variant is reminiscent of machined metal. In combination with the accentuated silver print, there are exciting three-dimensional effects.

022196 - detail
022196 - sample

Linen Silver Anthracite

The elegant linen metallic print provides an appealing contrast to the anthracite-colored surface, which is characterized by a fine textile structure.

021357 - detail
021357 - sample

Textile Grey

With this design inspiration, the three-dimensionality of our realistic textile embossing is optimally emphasized. The result is a deceptively real fabric structure that impresses with its simplicity.

022195 - detail
022195 - sample

Woven Silver Taupe

A combination of earthy tones and coarse linen structure, which harmonises perfectly with the subtle metallic effect.

019958 - detail
019958 - sample

Textile Linen Sisal

Here the prismatic fabric structure and the subtle linen print combine to create an attractive textile look, which creates a cozy atmosphere.

016470 - detail
016470 - sample

Rough Canvas

Our “Rough Canvas” surface ensures a realistic imitation of a coarse canvas fabric. The balanced, coordinated colors have a supporting effect.

020075 - detail
020075 - sample

Golden Flowers

With the striking flowers embossing and its shimmering golden surface, this unusual VOWAled inspiration is reminiscent of high-quality damask and is guaranteed to turn any object into an eye-catcher!

017509 - detail
017509 - sample


Are you looking for a finely structured imitation leather with an appealing design? Then we recommend our inspiration "Leathermatch", which is characterized by an elegant leather grain and a harmoniously coordinated play of colors.

017514 - detail
017514 - sample

Rough Leather

This classic coarse leather design in natural autumn colors gives objects a timeless vintage look.

020211 - detail
020211 - sample
020210 - detail
020211 - sample

Woven Silver Mint

A combination of pastel mint green and coarse linen structure, which creates a particularly noble impression with a hint of a metallic shimmer.

020235 - detail
020235 - sample

Blue Jeans

This realistic impression of blue jeans in stone wash look is impressive! The distinctive weave structure and the interesting print image convey a convincing jeans character.

018891 - detail
018891 - sample


Our stain-tolerant textile inspiration Polino is characterized by its modern pastel colors and the subtle floral print, which gives the material its unique combinability. In addition, possible impurities or soiling become almost invisible thanks to this revolutionary look. Let yourself be inspired by the wide range of colors.

021678 stein - detail
021678 stein - sample
021680 kristall - detail
021680 kristall - sample
021677 azur - detail
021677 azur - sample
021681 karamell - detail
021681 karamell - sample
021501 sisal - detail
021501 sisal - sample
021679 flamingo - detail
021679 flamingo - sample

Canvas Melange Rose

Do you prefer coarser tissue structures? Then our fine coarse linen design "Canvas Melange Rose" is just right for you! The diffuse melange print gives the textile surface a special liveliness and blends in with any environment in a proper style.

021796 - detail
021796 - sample

Stingray Silver

No animal has to die for this fantastic stingray leather look! Our lifelike replica of a stingray skin is impressive and inspires with a high-quality silver two-tone effect.

019500 - detail
019500 - sample