Our Performance:


In our company laboratory and laboratory coating plant, the ideas conceived by our product development specialists are gradually turned into finished products.

We have the ability to come up with new developments to meet our customers' specifications and to produce solutions to problems for both standard applications and niche products.

The development of new products is, of course, carried out using environment-friendly procedures and non-polluting raw materials. In terms of human ecology, our products are certified in compliance with Standard 100 by OEKO-Tex®. 


Our high-performance coating units enable us to work with PUR solutions, aqueous dispersions and PVC plastisols using both direct and indirect coating procedures.

The accuracy of these modern coating units means that we can achieve extreme precision both in the lowest weight range and for coatings with densities of more than 1000g/sqm.

We can therefore offer our customers a very broad range of products. 


Our processing department has many years of experience in applying aqueous printing and lacquer systems, as well as specialist know-how in matching the colour and lustre of imitation leather to that of natural leather.

We are also able to use natural-leather embossing on our imitation leather. A particular highlight of our processing department is the development of customised surfaces.

We have a collection of about 500 printing and embossing drums to select from in order to meet your surface design specifications. 


The company's own flame lamination department is a very useful addition to the performance spectrum of our coatings.

They enable us to offer complete products, above all for the automobile industry.

Furthermore, we also work as a contract processor for a wide range of applications, e.g. the lamination of materials for desk mats, work gloves, medical products and thermal insulation articles.