Open Day June 3, 2023!

Take a look inside and find out more

Have you always wanted to visit our modern production facilities? No problem! On June 03, we will open our doors from 10:00 - 14:00 and offer exciting insights into the manufacturing of our diverse products. We also clarify the interesting question “How? and Why? does coffee get into our imitation leather.” Furthermore, we have prepared a varied supporting program with special guest Jasmin Graf - singer and German dubbing voice of “Aida” in the animated film: “Mummies - A Totally Tangled Adventure”, a great product fashion show, and a colourful children's program. Continued with: VOWAbag, Vogtland Radio, Carli's coffee roasting shop, Tourism Association Vogtland, Vogtland Shawm Train, CheerMANIA e.V. Auerbach, Cinema Bus and many more. The physical well-being is of course also well provided for!

Therefore, please feel free to drop by, we are looking forward to your visit! 

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