About Vowalon

Our Profile

The company Vowalon Beschichtung GmbH is a major niche and large series producer and specialist for imitation leather and technical coatings. We have state-of-the-art systems and produce around 10 million m2 of high-quality PVC and polyurethane-based coatings every year. This results in products for a wide variety of areas, in particular for upholstery and automotive imitation leather, flexible materials for technical purposes, home textiles, imitation leather for shoes, bags and small leather goods as well as flame laminations for the automotive industry.

With customers in over 40 countries, we generate annual sales of approx. 50 million euros. More than half of our products are exported worldwide. The company was founded in 1900 and currently has over 200 employees. The production takes place exclusively at the company headquarters in Vogtland, Saxony.

Our History

Vowalon Historisch, Vowalon Früher, Vowalon Gründung
1900Company founded by manufacturer Bernhard Maerker
1934Company takeover by DEGUSSA
1945Expropriation and nationalisation by Soviet occupying powers to VEB Vogtl. Wachstuchfabrik Treuen
1992Privatisation through Management-Buyout
2000100th company anniversary with commissioning of the world's most modern universal coating plant
2010110th company anniversary with the commissioning of our high-performance coating plant
2017Commissioning of a new ultra-modern lacquering and embossing plant
2018Expansion of the laminating area
2019Start of construction of a second logistics center and expansion of the mixing-area
2020120th anniversary of the company and commissioning of the new logistics center
2023Investment in a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system worth 1 million euros

Our Strategy

Market Leadership as a Niche Producer

We use state-of-the-art processes and technologies to manufacture niche products based on PVC, PUR and acrylate systems under competitive conditions. All our production systems are designed to handle small batch sizes. Our six product groups VOWAhome, VOWAtec, VOWAbond, VOWAcar, VOWAdur and VOWAled are established for the long term and are marketed and distributed worldwide.

Securing the Site and Expansion

We at Vowalon Beschichtung GmbH produce exclusively “Made in Germany” at our traditional site in Treuen. Our investment policy aims to secure jobs at the site in the long term and to expand it further. Our core competencies of development, coating, finishing and flame lamination are centrally located in one place, enabling a high level of added value.

Customer Orientation

We develop and produce high-quality coatings that are always designed to meet customer-specific requirements. The individual problem solutions according to customer requirements and the implementation of ecological requirements that go beyond the legal standards are the most important core elements for achieving competitive advantages for our company.

Our Claim

As coating specialists, we at Vowalon place particular emphasis on processes and procedures to ensure quality as well as our environmental and energy goals. For this reason, we have been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard since 1997. Moreover, since 2012 we have met the far-reaching requirements of the automotive-specific quality standard IATF 16949 and since 2014 those of the energy management standard ISO 50001.

Our Goals

  • Qualität Vowalon, geprüfte Qualität, hochwertige Produkte

    High Quality Standards

    Quality is our claim. Meeting the needs of our customers is the basis of our quality awareness. Therefore, we always ensure that our products and services meet the requirements of our customers and are environmentally friendly. In addition, we also guarantee efficient processes, competent advice and correct contract processing. Our ultimate goal is to avoid mistakes and not to correct them afterwards.

  • Nachhaltigkeit, biologische Produkte, nachhaltige Kunstleder

    Responsibility for Our Environment

    For a safe future. Environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate policy and we are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment. It is therefore our duty to minimize these adverse effects as far as economically and technically possible and with well thought-out processes. We have set ourselves both short and long-term goals, the success of which is continuously monitored and evaluated.

  • Promoting Energy Awareness

    Recognising opportunities. The technologies used to produce coatings and laminations require an enormous amount of energy, so it is our duty to continuously and sustainably reduce this high demand. In collaboration with our environmental and energy team, we are constantly working on analysing opportunities for reduction, identifying and implementing potential improvements and then monitoring success in a measurable way. We are also constantly improving our energy efficiency by modernising existing technology and making targeted investments in new systems.

  • Safe and Employee-friendly Workplaces

    For a high level of satisfaction. Creating optimal working conditions for our employees is a matter of course for us and an essential part of our corporate responsibility. In this way, we promote committed, independent and motivated action and avoid accidents at work and occupational illnesses. We achieve this by designing workplaces and work processes in line with the latest findings on occupational safety and ergonomics. Thanks to our COS rules (cleanliness-order-safety), we create the basis for high-quality products in accordance with our quality awareness.

  • Integration of Employees

    Together for success. The involvement and support of our employees is essential to achieving our corporate goals. Through regular training on legal regulations and current quality, environmental and energy topics, we promote awareness of our QEHS policy and motivate active participation. As part of our internal suggestion scheme, employees can contribute to the optimisation of company processes themselves.

  • Active and Open Information Policy

    Creating transparency. An atmosphere of trust and mutual acceptance is the basis of our active information policy towards customers, suppliers, partners and our employees. We also work cooperatively with all authorities and provide the interested public with an insight into the environmental relevance of our products  and technologies used by means of social media platforms and our annual environmental and sustainability report.