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Universal upholstery artificial leather with a wide range of colors


Upholstery artificial leather for use in the medical sector

Padova Plus

Upholstery imitation leather with aniline leather print and special leather touch


High-quality PUR synthetic leather for upholstery applications

Puria Basic

Bio-based upholstery artificial leather made from over 50% renewable raw materials

Puria Linen

Bio-based upholstery artificial leather made from over 50% renewable raw materials


Contract imitation leather for the medical sector with a wide range of colors


Highly flame-retardant collection for contract according to DIN 4102 (B1)

Cordoba Flowers

Contract imitation leather with decorative floral print

Cordoba Prisma

Contract imitation leather with a modern textile surface

Cordoba Anjo

Imitation leather for contract with a futuristic surface structure

Cordoba Linen

Contract collection with linen metallic look especially for the maritime sector

Cordoba Uni

Versatile artificial leather for contract with nubuck embossing

Chicago M

Thanks to high material strength, particularly suitable for the catering and medical sector

VOWAclassic - F3378

Vehicle and upholstery synthetic leather for a great variety of applications

VOWAclassic - F3029

Bi-elastic outdoor synthetic leather with high cold resistance

VOWAclassic - P3307PG

Perforated synthetic leather for use as roof liners

VOWAclassic - P0021P

Particularly tear-resistant outdoor synthetic leather with anti-slip for technical applications

VOWAclassic - P3066P

Automotive imitation leather for the interior and upholstery areas in a carbon look

VOWAclassic - P3384PS

Upholstery synthetic leather with attractive embossing for medical and fitness applications

VOWAclassic - P5112P

All-round synthetic leather with microfiber fleece for a good feel and workability

VOWAclassic - PulferoEL

Electrically conductive upholstery artificial leather for medical and technical applications

VOWAclassic - P3347

Universal upholstery synthetic leather for a wide range of uses

VOWAclassic - Gera

Fim artificial leather with aniline leather print for folders and small leather goods

VOWAclassic - Girona

Very tear-resistant artificial leather for convertible tops or tool bags


Table protector with a waffle structure to save the table surface

VOWAclassic - T0067

Outdoor artificial leather for boat covers or tarpaulins

VOWAclassic - T7031

Upholstery foam foil for the interior of boats and caravans

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