A Hot Topic at Techtextil 2024

Coatings & Flame Laminations

At this year's Techtetxil in Frankfurt, we were pleased to have a large number of visitors and numerous successful discussions at our trade fair stand. As a special highlight, we demonstrated our process for coating textiles using flame lamination for the first time using a model and were able to explain how it works to the interested audience. Very high temperatures are required for the PUR plastic coating of woven, knitted or nonwoven materials, known as flame lamination. The main advantage of this process, however, is that the upper and backing material fuse together in such a way that the environmentally harmful use of adhesives is no longer necessary. We are considered the largest specialty or niche producer of coatings in Europe. Our product range is extensive and is ideally complemented by in-house flame lamination. It is possible to produce artificial leather and then laminate it, thereby achieving an optimal material composite. In contrast to the competition, we produces exclusively in Germany. 

We also scored points with our further developed and durable upholstery artificial leather “Pasco”, which can be used in clinics, spa homes or fitness studios, for example. In the spirit of sustainability, Pasco is a long-lasting product with a wide range of colours and is permanently available in stock. Thanks to intensive development work, we have succeeded in increasing the material's resistance to alcohol-based cleaning agents and other negative influences. We have also improved the flame retardant properties. The polyurethane synthetic leather Pasco is characterized by its pleasant grip and high abrasion resistance. Pasco is also interesting for ecologically conscious customers because it is produced without solvents. The carrier material for the coating is cotton, i.e. H. The artificial leather consists of around 40% renewable raw materials.

Impressions from our Booth