VOWAtec - Technical Items and Films

We produce an extensive range of technical PVC and PUR coatings. The diverse range of VOWAtec  products extends from occupational safety and special coverings to soundproofing and insulating materials, foamed foils for mats and underlays and technical coatings for industrial applications.

  • PUR and PVC warning imitation leather in accordance with EN 20471, coatings for workwear in accordance with EN 343, PVC double coatings for chemical protective clothing in accordance with EN 465
  • Highly respiratory-active hydrophilic PUR membrane and Z-liner in various designs
  • Intensive photoluminescent PVC film in accordance with DIN 67510
  • Extensive range of PVC foam films for mousepads as well as insulating and sealing elements, etc.
  • PUR coatings on foils for industrial applications


Individual Request

Are you looking for specific solutions or have a particular request? Please feel free to contact us, our sales team will be pleased to help you.