VOWAtec – Technical items

We produce a wide range of PVC and PU imitation leather, film and membrane for special clothing, hygiene applications and technical fields of operation.

Technical items


  • PUR and PVC high visibility imitation leather in compliance with EN 471
  • Synthetic coatings for workwear in compliance with EN 343
  • PVC double coatings for chemical protective clothing in compliance with EN 465
  • High-breathability hydrophile PUR membranes and Z-liners in various designs
  • PVC film with intensive afterglow properties in compliance with DIN 67510
  • Hygiene textiles for mattres protection, incontinence pads, pillow covers, diaper pants etc. under the trademark medilind
  • A wide range of foamed PVC foils for mousepads, insulating and sealing elements etc.
  • PUR coatings on foils for industrial purposes 


Mario Kölbel 

  • Account Mangager Automotive / Sales Manager 
  • Tel.: +49(0)37468/60-307
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Medilind Hygiene-textiles